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Thanks for all the replies so far. I've had 2 vet opinions (albeit at the same center - which is one of the best in NJ, the Belle Mead Animal Hospital). And I know dogs are not "wired" to convey emotions like that, I just can't figure out the reason / trigger. Yes, there's definitely a lot of emotions that run through the house. I have 5 young children and both my wife and I work during the day, through we both work from the house, and we're both stressed about the urination. I have an acre yard that I cannot use....yet. My neighbor feeds the deer and about 12 deer live in my yard and there are feces and possibly ticks everywhere. I have a company coming in a week to install a fence so I can clean up all the feces and let my GSD have the yard to play in. But I also know GSDs are not loners and the yard may only hold his attention by himself for so long.

Again, there was a statement above "they don't squeeze out a little bit for spite" - then what is it? If I don't leave the room, there's no pee. If I leave, he'll pee, even if he's been walked in the last 15 minutes. So...I stay in the room, he holds it no problem. I leave or put him in the crate for a few mins, he pees. I've ruled out medical. He's squeezing it out to tell me SOMETHING, I just don't know what it is. Someone suggested the crate, but that doesn't work because he now pees in there too. Yesterday, I took him out, about 10 mins later he was yearning for attention. He wouldn't stop jumping on me, so I put him in the crate for a time soon as I put him in, he turned and looked at me, and peed. He was in there less than 10 seconds when he did it. I was sick last week...took him out and laid down. 30 minutes I come back to find him laying in his pee on the kitchen floor (no crate that time). He's already getting more time and attention from me than all my children are combined right now, I do not have more time than I currently do to spend with him. I don't have to be a vet or behavioral specialist to know that he's urinating to convey SOMETHING, I just don't know what it is or how to make it stop.
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