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you can not cater to a dog 24 hours a day.

when you are home trying to work the dog doesn't know what to do with itself , so goes about investigating the counters , looking back expecting or at least checking out what your reaction will be .

the urination may be involuntary , a response which is submissive .

the household atmosphere can't be good . The dog is picking up on this . The dog will also be sensitive to you not being happy with the pissing and bathing 5 or 6 times a day .

a healthy relationship includes structured togetherness AND the ability to be comfortable with time and distance away . Can you provide the dog with a safe outdoor enclosure --- 12 X 12
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that way you can crate your pup overnight . bring him out on a good note, take him for his walk , take care of his needs . You pop him into the outdoor kennel . When you are able to dedicate time and attention bring him into the house so that he is socialized to appropriate behaviour indoors , and when you need to go back to work - out he goes.

dog may be feeling the tension and displeasure and submissive urinating


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