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Grapes ?!?!?!?

I have been down with "the" flu since Friday. Found out last night throug casual conversation that while I was in a fog my dog got into a bowl full of grapes that was left on the coffee table and ate most of them. So my mom , who was here helping , gave him some more since he loved them and they are sooo healthy

I called the vet and they said if they were going to be an issue they would have by runs , no ill effects , no vomiting..he is peeing like a racehorse as per usual. Absolutely nothing even off about him .

The vet said only some dogs are effected by grapes and they are not sure why? I thought they were fatal. I do not keep grapes or raisins in the house for that reason ( my mom did shopping for me and bought them for my son who loves fruit even more than any kind of candy).

Reading up on it I see that only 1/3 of dogs who eat grapes will have an issue and that is only documented from 1989 and on? Weird. They think it is a reaction to a fungus or pesticide maybe?

In any event I wont be testing it again and will put a list of no no foods on the fridge for dogs next time I am incapacitated .

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