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Need help with Leash pulling

Hi everyone, I Have some issues with my German sheperd, she has been this way since she was 6 months old but reaching her 2 years annivesary, enough it enough.. I've tried every trick on google and that peoples gave me and no results, I Took her to a dog trainer lately but since im a student, it's extremly expensive for me and my girlfriend.. The dog trainer who specialize in german sheperd and who won 4 world championship told me that I had a Real working dog, a perfect exemple of German sheperd and he told me she is a little too smart for her own good.. She take her own decision ON leash only, I Am the pack leader and my otherhusky is 100% submissive with me and so do Hatchi, my GS but in leash, its a whole other story. Basically, she is pulling and doing whatever she wants, I used a choker, not even close of working, an holter which is ok but dont do the job, I've tried to behave good while walking but she is still pulling like mad, it pisses me off the edge sometime its crazy, I Love her to death but this behavior needs to stop

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