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I was so excited in 2001 when Providence announced putting in a dog park right on the Pawtucket River. Views, big field, separate area for little dogs... We had one closer to the house that was just a big field - no fence but Luther loved going for socialization.

When it first opened, it was great, Luther loved it. He enjoyed the company of other dogs, the park had grass, it was clean and frequented by EastSide people who weren't nasty jerks. The city took care of it.

I didn't go for a few years because my oldest son was born and Luther passed away about a year and a half later. When I got back there with Morgan about 5 years later, it was a dirt bowl full and there was icky poopy around, bunch of dirty tennisballs. Morgan sat there with the humans supervising the other dogs. I took her a few times, she always acted the same 'oh this is a nice place to socialize with humans.'

Took Otto a few times when he was a young dog, he'd go meet the other dogs and then want to go play in the corner with a ball. Since he didn't really want to play with the other dogs, I'd get all this annoying unsolicited advice from people with little dogs who watched too much Cesar Millan. I stopped going the day a guy showed up with a bully breed in the wire basket muzzle 'for socialization' I have a back yard Otto can play ball in since he obviously doesn't want to have friends like Luther liked having.


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