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Originally Posted by Baillif View Post
How about stop walking your dog where it will be attacked? Or grow a pair and defend it at the very least. Get between the dogs and dont let it get to your dog.
I live in the city, and dogs are everywhere, I can't avoid them, no matter where I walk my dog.

Of course stopping the attacking dog is my first line of defence, but when they come charging out of nowhere it's almost impossible to get inbetween them.

Originally Posted by Jelpy View Post
Poukie Bear. regarding the first answer you received:

My apologies. That unkind and unhelpful response is not typical of this board. I am by no means a dog expert but we have people on here who can help make certain your fellow doesn't get overreactive....primarily by having him play/interact with dogs who won't try to fight with him and by not getting fearful and defensive yourself.

Again, I'm sorry for the appalling answer you received; it was a rude, embarrassing and intentionally unkind response.

Thank you

I usually go walking armed with a bottle of vinigar and water to squirt at oncoming dogs, and an airhorn to blast to scare away other dogs. But yesterdays evens happend so fast the only reaction i could to was to kick the other dog.
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