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Vicious attack while on leash

I have several long stories, but i'll try to make them short and get to the point.

i've only had Wako for 2 weeks, and he's such a great dog. He's got a few small issues that we are working on, and he gets better and better every day.

The first time I took him for a walk through the ON LEASH forrest next to our house, he was ambushed by a Golden. It ran right up to us out of nowhere and got in his face. He snarled and snapped at the loose dog, and it took off.

A few days later, same thing happened with 3 offleash poodles that rushed at him. He gorwled when they tried to dominate him. They took off and thier owner warned me to "Muzzle my beast".

Yesterday's event scared the daylights out of me.

I now have to stop taking my dog for walks through the ON LEASH forrest next to our house.

He was vicously attacked yesterday by some type of bulldog cross. She came rushing at us from behind, and bit Wako's hind leg. He turned and snapped and snarled at her. She released and took off.
Owner NO WHERE in sight.

I hightailed it out of there. Two minutes later she was back, but this time she latched onto his scruff around his neck, and dind't let go until I landed a good kick to her side. And now my dog is no long just deffending himself, he's mad and he's gone into attack mode, something I've never seen before.

It was all I could do to hold on to him and keep him from ripping that dog apart.

Finally her owner showed up and leahsed her, said sorry and rushed off. I asked her for her name and info, but she just ignored me. I ended up calling the City Bylaw office, and put in a formal complaint. They said that they'd send a few people out to partol the area, since this has happened several times.

I feel like he's now conditioning himself to be extra allert and overly defensive towards other dogs, especially while on leash. His previous owner (a friend of ours) used to take him to the dog park all the time and he gets along well with other dogs.

I just can't help but feel like I'm making him be this way. Now, whenever he sees a dog, he goes into full allert, and won't listen to a word I say. I try to put myself inbetween him and his line of sight of new dogs, but this is useless. I can't can't even bribe him with treats, it's like I don't exist.

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