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GSD freaks out when we get out of car

My husband and I got our first GSD puppy back in December. He is 5 months old now. We have no children so he is our baby We have him in basic obedience and he is doing so good! He is crated during the day while we are at work. As soon as one of us get off we spend our whole afternoon exercising, working, and playing with him. On weekends we go to the dog park and all of my time is devoted to to him. If I can take him with me (running errands) he rides with me and LOVES to ride! Back to my concern....if I have to get out of the car, and leave him in there he absolutely freaks out. And when I mean leave him in there, it is only for a few minutes to run in somewhere and the weather is not warm and not too cold. Even when we get home I turn off the car and he jumps into my lap and starts whining and as soon as I open my door he is jumping over me to get out. Even when I stay in the car and my husband runs into a store he freaks and barks and whimpers. And when he freaks out, it is a terrified/freaking out bark. I love to take him places with me but I hate for him to be so scared. Is this SA? Is this just him being a puppy? I'm okay with him not running errands with me. But even if one of us get out, we do not want him to freak out each time. We want to stop this before it gets worse or before he gets any bigger. Help, please!

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