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Need help please. Video included to view sleep breathing

Mods, my apology if I a posting in the wrong section. I am a new member. I purchased a 3 yr old trained GSD (German import) from a breeder with a very good reputation. The dog is fabulous, wonderful temperament and amazing obedience. I noticed however he was low on energy. I have only owned him for 3 days. He had been in the US only 2 months, breeder had done some additional socialization work. The dog is sleeping in our room on carpet floor or the kuranda bed. He is having sleep apnea, stops breathing for a few seconds at a time. He also has labored breathing. This does not happen during the day when he takes naps. The breeder has the dog now so his vet can look at him. I am concerned because the vet said he had never heard of that. One google search and it is clear there are dogs with this issue. They tend to be overweight or flat faced dogs. Kobe is very fit and lean so weight is not an issue. Please if anyone knows of another owner who had this issue and corrected please let me know.

The videos are on You tube. Title is case sensitive. Search on. Kobe GSD breathing issues 1. There are two other videos numbered 2 and 3

Please post a response if you can help.
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