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Originally Posted by hunterisgreat View Post
I'm thoroughly pleased with mine. He is a very serious dog. Exceptional nerve, very close balanced but works in aggression by default. Not a dog I'd try to compete in IPO with, but a dog I'd prefer at my side when passing through the rough side of town. Very calm and level headed. Very clear under strong pressure from the decoy.
Kind of dog I want. As long it's clear headed and can be a part of my family, it will work. I plan to work him/her also.. Exceptional nerve, very balanced, calm, everything I'm after..
Was Stuka the father of your dog? He can't breed anymore. He plans to use Fyke on most breedings this year.
Fyke Van't Leefdaalhof

Nate said Fyke was a kicka&$ dog. I'm def interested in possibly getting a Sportwaffen dog when the time comes.
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