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You're very welcome

It's a complicated issue, when the dogs don't seem to like children. I always wondered, with my dog, if it was through lack of exposure (I adopted him as an adult, and he'd never been around kids at all) or if it was something else: I don't particularly enjoy children myself (gasp!) and did he pick up on that? Lol, who'll ever know. My brother raised his son with a lab/staffie/boxer mix who he'd gotten from the shelter as a pup, but was a mature dog by the time his son was born. This dog didn't do strangers well, but he was the greatest dog ever with "his" boy. The best!

Totally OT: I so love your avi! I have an almost identical pic of my last wonderful boy, and every time I see your posts I pause and reflect on that great piece of my heart that I miss terribly but still have in my memories. I thank you for that!
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