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Such a Good Girl!!

I just have to brag on my Sallie (18 mos). Last Tuesday, we had her spayed. She is normally an outside dog who lives with her miniature horses and llama. Due to the surgery, I decided to keep her in the house so I can watch her and make sure she is ok. This dog has not one time, puddled or other in the floor. She goes to the door, whines, and looks up at the door knob to tell me she wants to go out (even that first night when she was groggy and so sore) She has never been house trained in any way. She did it herself. I have had other dogs in the past and have trained them to do that.
Sallie has been such a pleasure to have in the house. I thought with her being such a hyper girl outside that she'd destroy my house, but she is such a lady inside. I'm so proud of, impressed with, and amazed at her. I'm gonna miss her when she goes back outside after her staples are out, but I know she will be happier with her horse friends and her own yard/pasture to run and play in.

Thanks for letting me brag on her. I tell her a zillion times a day what a good girl she is and that she is the best dog in the whole world.

"To err is human, to forgive, canine."

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