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Aggression after walks

I'm hoping maybe some trainers out there with lots of experience might have an answer. Jake is now 8 1/2 months. We just went on our first fairly long walk since his pano. We come home and as soon as we get in the house he becomes uncontrollably aggressive with the other dogs ( all smaller than him), and just charges them and starts instigating fights with them. Like he's meeting a strange dog that he totally hates. I'm not understanding this behavior.

Obviously I don't have the upper hand because he ignores my commands and his adrenalines raging and he completely looses his mind. Oh it doesn't matter that he's still on the leash I might add. Tonight the cattle dog was out back when we came home. I went to take Jake out back, she wanted to come in so they were close to each other, he just attacked her!

Got her in the house and kept him out with me til he calmed down, sat and waited by the open door and was able to focus on me. We went in, let him off the leash, he's around the other dogs like nothing ever happened. He's behaved this way before, but not this aggressively.

I'm thinking maybe put him in a down when we come in til he's completely calm? Or maybe there's a better way. And where's this all coming from? Besides the fact he's not respecting me. Maybe this is a dominance issue, letting the the other dogs know he's home? Maybe back to basics? I did pretty much give him a month 1/2 off from most training because of pano. Probably shouldn't have, he just seemed so uncomfortable. Time to get out the prong collar? Any ideas?
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