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As far as IPO goes; Don't "rant" about things you don't understand. After more than a few years doing this sport I have found that those who are ardently opposed to "pattern training" and "want a 'real' dog who will respond in every circumstance" never do well and never really understand training. They can never grasp how each exercise leads to the next and how to use one exercise to either make or relieve pressure for the next.

If you are doing helper work and find it "boring" then you truly do not understand the nuances of the work. Truly, it is working within the pattern and refining the little things where a true helper shines. A trained monkey can make a dog bite or show aggression or show any behavior when he is free to act as he wills. It takes a true helper to have a dog display the best behaviors while working within the narrow constructs of the routine.

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