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Default Favorite trick/command

I'm sure there is a thread just like this. But I didn't see one. So here goes..

Let's start a simple thread where all you do is post your favorite trick or command and then explain how you teach your dog to do it. It can be anything simple to something more advanced. That way any owner/ handler no matter the skill base can learn something from this.

I'll start,

The "place" command.

Very simple and both my gsd have already picked it up including my 13wk old.
I make Sage sit in front of me and I say "place" and give my hand signal with my right hand in a fist down at my side. Then, with treat in hand I lead her around my right side, behind me and back between my legs and as soon as she gets there I treat. I start over and each time lead her with my treat hand and as she gets better I don't reward her until she sits between my legs and has her eye on me.
I've done this more and more with distractions and it's a great way to call your dog off of something and get them between your legs where you can control them better if necessary or to protect them when off leash.

Let's make this fun and educational!!

Your turn
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