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It depends on what the breeder has put into the dogs. I'm sure someone with knowledge on the value of different bloodlines can clarify more, but if the dog has a particularly impressive bloodline, multiple titles on parents, grandparents, especially Schutzhund titles, those puppies tend to be more because the breeders have likely put a lot of work into proving their dogs are healthy and sound through both competition and testing. It can also depend on how prestigious those titles are. A dog that has earned SchI vs SchIII and so on. The average that I see for a good pup is 1-2000.

I only ended up getting mine much cheaper due to circumstance. He originally had a deposit on him before the litter was born to go to another couple, but he was an excessively tiny runt in comparison to the rest of the litter, so they decided against him and wanted to wait for the next litter. No one wanted him so the breeders offered a discount because he was so tiny and I came along and got him. It can depend on the situation. My pup's parents aren't any national level show or sport competitors, but they both titled in multiple sports, and both checked out very well in their health clearances, so I had no problem getting a smaller pup from one of their litters.
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