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It depends. If the breeder is doing health clearances, has a solid plan and direction for the breedings, then it may be okay.

I would not rule out a breeder with lots of litters a year. Sometimes heat cycles and make availability make it all happen at once.

But, 10+ litters in a 6 mo period would make me look closer. That's a lot. I would ask who cares for the pups, who is in charge if early development and socialization. Stuff like that. Some of the larger breeders may easily have quite a number of bitches. And they may decide to do just one big spring cabang, instead of splitting it between spring a fall. Does not mean they are not worth while. But I would actually want to see the facility. I would want to understand the goals.

The pup I have now came from a breeder that may have 4 litters in a cycles. I talked to her extensively. This is what she does. And I was comfortable with it. But most hobby breeders will have 1-3 litters a season at most. It's an enormous amount of work, raising a litter correctly. And most hobby breeders have jobs aside from breeding.

So again, I would physically check out the kennel. Make sure it's not a glorified puppy mill, pumping out puppies with no goal.

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