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yep same food...we've been on blue buffalo since we brought her home. Usually her activity level is the same..she's busy -- not bouncing off the walls busy -- but needs to be working all the time. This is really the first time this mopey thing has happened. She's almost acting like she is depressed but nothing has really changed. Same people, same work hours..same play time...etc.

this is the ONLY difference in the last couple of husband and I are not on speaking terms right now. I think she has picked up on that and he scolded her the other day because she was too close to him. He's never acted like that towards her and I'm almost wondering if she still doesn't have hurt feelings over it???? He's acting like that cuz he's mad at me...that's his only defense mechanism..he would NEVER hurt her but now he's being all "get away from me" because he's mad at me and thinks he's getting "me" by acting like that with her.

and edited to reason we aren't on speaking terms right now is because of his childish behavior.

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