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anybody else have a mopey dog?

I had Roxy into the vet 2 weeks ago just for a precaution. Every 2 weeks she will throw up about 2 meals of undigested kibble. Vet says she's fine...did blood work and took xrays to make sure there wasn't a blockage. Said we might just have a dog that's gonna throw up once in awhile.

So, if my calculations are right it's almost time for another puke-a-thon. Yesterday she hardly ate and today she walked past her bowl and took about 2 bites and has been laying down ever since.
I KNOW once she finally throws up she will be back to normal. Does anybody else have a dog that does this?

My daughter said her one cat is also just nibbling and laying around it something in the change of the weather? I know humans get like that and I do know when we are in for a storm all the animals in the house get quirky...but this is just kind of different.

I really don't want to call the vet again. He gave her a clean bill of health ...he did suggest we switch to the blue buffalo lamb but also said that may or may not have anything to do with it. He said if she were throwing up once or twice a week he would be doing more tests but the fact it's almost clock work at once ever two weeks he's just thinking it's nerves.
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