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Alrighty... I have an 11 and a half month old GSD... whom I swear likes to freak me out on a daily bases lately... what first freaked me out was the lump at the roof of the her mouth. Which turned out to be that thingy all dogs have.. but ya.. it was a little swollen probably from a bone she ate. They said watch it... I did. And it went back to normal... awesome... the same time I asked about this little white bump. She said come back In a month. Just watch it. Now that it's all big and ugly she told me it was the Canine oral papalpma virus. it looks identical to this pic someone posted on here
She has 4 total all gracing her bottom lip... ranging in size... yay... now that I know what it is... i am not too worried about. Watching and waiting really. She told me to get this over the counter antacid I will have to find the name... If any one has suggestions on that.. or what to use help this process along that would be stunning... but at that very same appointment my doctor points out this red/well now it's pink thing on her nose pad that I didn't notice the night before... and I told her that... Cause I inspect this poor dog ALOT! At least once a day. She kinda glanced at it and said "ehh. Probably a scrape then"
But my crazy brain is just freaking out. Like. Why didn't I notice that before? Has it been there??? Omg!?! Nothing can develop like.. Over night right? Or get this big that fast. It doesn't feel like a bump. When she isn't doing anything. It does to happier pink/red color but she wants to play! As puppies do... and she gets rough it looks angry. Like a cut would... should I be worried? It's pretty big for appearing so fast. Like I said didn't even see it til the morning I went to see the vet.. seriously must have just happened type of thing. Over reacting maybe from all the other stuff going on??? Help me??? And any advice on the virus is good too =)

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