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…did you GSD become more protective? My boy Ammo is 18 months and it is like a switch has went off in him. He has become this protective don't screw with my family dog. He hasn't bit anyone or anything like that but he is quick to make sure strangers know not to mess with his family. Yesterday we had a couple of "iffy" looking repair men in our house. My husband had taken them down the hall to my little girl's room where she was napping in her crib. I had ahold of Ammo so he would sit still and he lost it. He was very upset that those guys were in with one of his kids. He barked and growled until my husband brought our daughter in the living room. He has also started becoming more aggressive sounding when people come to our door. Even if he knows the person he will let his presence be known.

I'm not complaining about him being more protective. I'm actually very happy with it, it has just surprised me. I guess I was expecting it to be more of a gradual thing. He literally changed over nite. I do praise him for his vocalness when strangers show up and he was very much praised for being so protective with the kids. I want him to intimidate people who come to our house, like repair men or salesmen.

Has anyone else had a dog change so quick with their protectiveness? What age did you notice your GSD become more protective of your family? How do I encourage his protectiveness without making him aggressive? I want to make sure he only goes for someone when there is a threat. So far he has seemed to be pretty good at judging when there is a real threat or when to just put on the show. With the repair men he sounded tough but never actually tried to bit or nip them.

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