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Question Puppy Vaccinations Question

I was wondering if I could get some opinions on how I should finish up my puppy's vaccination schedule. I have heard a lot about how over vaccinating can cause problems later on in life, so I would like to minimize the risk of that happening… but I would also like him to be safe from parvo and distemper, and I know with each week, the likelihood of the vaccines being effective increases.

I take him daily to a local park or horse stables and at least a few times a week, I take him somewhere like tractor supply or to an elementary school where he can be socialized… so, while I try to minimize the risk of infection by not going to dog parks or pet stores… theres still a risk.

My vet recommended to vaccinate every 4 weeks until he reached 16 weeks… he was vaccinated at 6 weeks, then I took him in at 10 weeks…
And now he's coming up on 14 weeks and im trying to decide if I should take him in this week and then again at 16-18 weeks…. or if I should just hold off another couple weeks until he hits 16 weeks and save him one set of vaccinations.

I'd like to hear your opinions on what you think would be best.

Also, when would you recommend getting the rabies vaccine?

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