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David Taggart
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Whether your puppy is food reactive or not depends on his mother's milk and number of puppies in the litter, higher the competition - hungrier they feel. Make him ball mad, train to place the ball in your hand as an exhange for a treat. Later on you wouldn't need any treats, his ball will be his best treat.
Puppies of 3 months of age with high predatory drive are mad of toys. 20 minutes of continuous play is not enough, 2 hours of play with short breaks is not enogh, a puppy with a high drive could be dropping out of exhaustion - still he wants to continue chasing the ball, and will look for it restlessly until found if the ball was lost in the grass. They are also very posessive of their toys, and if he doesn't want to give it back to you - that is a good sign. Don't train outing without any experienced instructor. Obedience in the ordinary class can spoil high drives of a good Schutzhund puppy, it is better to do obedience in the Schutz club, and I suggest you to assess him there.

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