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Originally Posted by wyoung2153 View Post
Experts will come... but for me, the non expert, when I have a ball, Titan will literally do anything he needs to to get that ball, and he never ever stops at it until he's told to, that IME is high drive. He didn't have a food drive when he was growing up.. but now we found the treat of his dreams and he will now work for treats if need be.. so I would say he had a low food drive.

These should come naturally.. as far as I know.
He's not to crazy about either of them. But doesn't mean he won't pkay with a ball or wonu work for his treats. I've watched videos where puppies paw and sniff and lick at a hand filled witg food. But my guy will just sniff and try to bite my hand and If he doesn't get it shortly he'll just go on his way to whatever. And as for a ball. He'll play fectch for a few tosses then he's back to doing whatever he wants. In the house if im not playing tug with him, which he does seem to enjoy and will put up a fight for a few mins then he starts laying down and holding on to the tug. I guess I just expect more out of him. I see these videos of 7 week old puppies going crazy for the tug and treats and just wish my pup would put forth tge same effort. He likes to sit down and chew on things. Not as exciting as im hoping for. But then again I don't take him too far from the house because he hasn't had all his shots yet.
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