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Sorta quick help/advice needed

My 13 month old is making me VERY nervous.

After sleeping she got up and drank a decent bit of water. 30 seconds maybe? Then 5 minutes later started crying in pain. Tummy was tight-ish. Rhythmic muscle tensioning and loosening, a bit of gas. Could not settle down, was in obvious pain.

Now, she is back to normal, a bit weirded out and likely feeding off my worry. Running about and acting 90% of her normal puppy idiot self. Tummy feels fine but that rhythmic muscle tense/release is still barely there.

I called the e-vet and explained this all carefully and they said to wait it out and be hyper vigilant. Right now I think she shocked her tummy with a big ingestion of cold-cold water. I am staying at home tonight to keep an eye on her and will immediately drag her to the e-vet if I get even a whiff of bloat.

My question now is: Is there anything I can do to stack the deck in her favor? Ahhhh, awesome she just ripped a nasty one, that's good. I think I am out of the woods on this one but would still like advice/tips on things to watch and do for the next 24-36 hours to assure a happy outcome.

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