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Potty trainin vent...

My sweet, smart, obedient, almost potty trained boy has gone right back to bad habits. I'm SO frustrated!

Every time I turn around, there's pee, poo, or both!! He was getting SO good at this! now all of a sudden I don't have enough clean-dirty towels to keep up with him. My only salvation is that this is all happening on hard floors and one cheap rug meant to be tossed and replaced every-so-often.

I'm just so peeved!!! Every time we get to the point of starting to have him hold it instead of me jumping up to bring him out every five minutes, just b/c he thinks it's fun, he starts going on the floors at will. It's infuriating! I'm not so much angry with him as I am with the situation.

I'm overloaded right now and every time I get a little ahead, there's some pee or poo to clean up. Plus I let him run in the yard this morning and it had rained last night so he came in filthy and I had to clean that up, dry him off, clean his feet, rub him down, and he's still dirty but it's dry so whatever.

I know what I have to do... I'm going to have to tether him to me and crate him when I can't watch him. This is another overwhelming prospect. I have no idea if I have enough in me to handle all of this, but we'll find out, right? Poor guy may have to spend a lot more time in the crate until I can get some relief with all of the 'life' things that are overwhelming me right now.

Anyone been through this? Did it get better? How? When? Share your stories with me
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