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Partial amputated tail

My Sallie had to get about 4 inches amputated from her tail last Friday. Not sure what happened, as she didn't act like she was injured, but was bleeding from the end of her tail. My dining room looked like a massacre had taken place. With every swish of her tail, the room was splattered in blood. Took her into the Vet and they could not close the wound and had to amputate. The send it off for testing. Got the results today, and they said not cancer. they think it was bruised and scraped from wagging it too hard and hitting stuff, then became an abscess. Not sure I agree with this, because there are still some areas that look swollen and scrapped on the shaved area of her tail. My question is do you have any suggestions as to keep the bandages on. She left them alone for the first 3 days, but then when she wagged her tail, it flew off. Now I can not keep one on and she has started to lick it and make it bleed. I am taking her in for an e-collar in the morning. Have to admit, her tail looks pretty funny right now. She has about 6-7 inches of furry tail and then about 4 inches of shaved tail. She does not act like she is in pain, but does not like the bandages on her tail. But when I left it off, she wagged her tail and hit the chair leg and made it start bleeding again. Just want to protect it until it can heal. Thanks for listening!
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