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I had taken three girl puppies to the stud owner's home because she had a buyer for a female.

While we were there with the prospective buyer, one puppy went to the door and started playing with the bell. I thought she might need to go out, it was a good ride in the car, so I opened the door and she went down the steps and peed. Good Girl! She came right back in. About thirty minutes later, she went and played with the bell again. I went and let her out, she trotted down there and pooped. Good girl! And right back inside.

I am thinking the buyer would say, "that one, and point to her." I was actually surprised when they picked the other puppy. But they haven't reported any problems, so she may have been just as easy to house train.

I ended up with the third puppy. Karma. The pee-er. She was a happy-pee-er. She house-trained herself, no problem, but she would trickle every time I came to the babygate to give her pets, or let her out, or put her in. She is 14 months old now, and she's grew out of it. But it was frustrating while it lasted.

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