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Originally Posted by wyoung2153 View Post
At the dog park.. Titan stole a toy from this other dog.. I grab it and give it back..

Me: "Sorry about that.. He always seems to want those when we are here.."

Guy: "Oh no worries, have you trained him at all?"

Me: "yes, he is very good."

Guy: "well let me give you advice.. here's my card btw, I specialize in GSDs. Oh I see you have a prong, you shouldn't use those. That's like a last resort. Now how is he on a lead? and be serious..."

Me: "he's fine, we're fine, we go to one on one training in ___."

Guy: "Oh that's really far, what are you guys working on?"

Me: "Stay with serious distraction."

Guy: "Wow that's more than my dog knows.. awesome. And I am not a certified trainer I just do it as a passion.. and I do GSDs for free, so if you ever need anything."

LOL! Now that is special! Wacko alert!
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