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Found myself taking a break...

Well.. it looks like I have decided to pause training for Titan and I. Since his incident.. Was this Aggression, and/or is it fixable? (moved from Gen Info) I have found a lot of joy in just doing one on one training in my yard or the field by my house. I also, have lost some confidence in him since that day. Mostly I don't have an issue, but there's a small nervousness with him off lead, regardless of what the trainer said. I need to get through that first. I also think I got burnt out.. it's an hour and a half drive and took up almost my whole day. Which was fine for some time.. but after I while it started to seem more like a chore.. the getting out there part. Being there at training was so much fun and I loved every minute of it.. but then the dreaded drive back. I started to find myself not looking forward to training days.. and I hated that feeling.

I still go every few weeks to help the team and continue to learn myself, because I really do want to continue training one day and get certified. I just don't know if right now is that time.

Not sure what I'm wanting out of you guys.. but felt like sharing with the SAR community here. Thanks for reading


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