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In the mornings before we work, she gets a workout playing and running with Grim in the backyard. When we get home, we take them both for a long hike, then my husband plays ball and tug with her with obedience mixed in, a few more play sessions/a ball/ tug session for Grim, then they get bones. Grim earns his dinner with obedience and handling exercises, and Skadi, who is getting over hand shyness, is handled for her food. We are taking her to an IPO group for obedience weekly, and soon we will also bring Grim once he is done with his first humane society class. We are unsure of whether she is suited for bitework, but she enjoys obedience there because it is so tug driven.
Skadi, AKA Lady Wolfington, GSD 4.6.12
Grim, AKA Bones , GSD 7.7.13

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