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So far Pan has been the highest drive dog I've raised. I'd call him a solid "high drive" but not extreme. High because it took very little, if anything to get him going and he would work work work for hours and still be having fun. He was not a dog that had to be lured or constantly "motivated" with rewards in order to stay engaged. Even when he saw a good amount of pressure in Schutzhund training he wanted to be there, wanted to do the work. When it came to flyball, he was just about out of control! NO rewards necessary there, just doing it all weekend was self-rewarding for him (made him harder to train since making mistakes were just as fun as doing it right and NRMs never made one lick of difference). His hunt drive and food drive were not as high, it was mostly prey drive with a low threshold. He was also a dog that needed some human interaction, metal, and physical work to be kept in check. Not a dog that would lie by my side if I were sick for a week. I didn't "figure" it out but specifically bought a dog that would have higher prey drive and be good for many sports. Pan was actually a bit of a sleeper puppy, pretty mellow for the first 6 months.

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