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This can be used as a correction, right? I tried scruffing once when he got in trouble, and not even in a harsh manner, but he literally yelped bloody murder. I had ferrets at one point, and scruffing with a little shake was a way to correct them.. so I know how to do it. If I tug on his scruff casually (when he knows he isn't in any kind of trouble), he doesn't give me any vocalization.. only if I try to do it when he knows he's in trouble. I don't hit him or anything, so I was wondering if he's just yelping to make me stop because he knows I won't scruff him when yelps when he's in trouble or.. could I really be hurting him THAT bad? Should I knock it off, or will that give him the impression that 'oh, she won't scruff me if i yelp like a madpup'?
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