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Welll.. let me introduce Titan... He is 4. I very very quickly learned he was high drive when he was very very young.. about the time I got him home at 8 weeks. He always want the ball.. instantly learned that fetch was a great game.. then soon became obsessed. Initially I thought he was jsut a normal puppy.. but later learned he was a normal high drive puppy.. lol. He has been socialized up the wazoo, trained informally and formally, and is generally a very very good boy.. he however wants NOTHING in life more than to play fetch.. every second of every day. He doesn't even pay mind to anything or anyone when he's playing.. it's all pure focus on what were doing. To him.. fetch is work.. it is his job to get that ball.. people and dogs alike, become obstacles.

Just yesterday I had played with him.. intense fetch.. about 3 times already.. before work.. came home and took him for an about 2.5 mile run following with about .5 mile walk to cool down. Got home played fetch AGAIN immediately.. and he was out for all offfff... like 30-45 minutes. I would even give him an hour of just laying down, then he was asking to go play fetch again.

Anyways.. it has been an adventure learning how to get him to a place where he will turn "off" in the house. When he was a puppy it was much more frustrating. I thought if I gave him access to all his toys, he would jsut chew on something, or play with something, but he wanted nothing to do with anyting unless it involved me throwing it and him bringing it back to me. I even had to teach him proper tug, lol. I figured after research and coming on here, that he was a good candidate for "toy restriction" lol. He didn't get any access to toys at all, unless I brought them out. All he got were his bones and Kong. Even his Kong was tricky becaue it looked circular... like a ball. With Toy restriction, he didn't have the option to play or anything. He had the option to go outside, or be calm in the house chewing on a bone.

That took a while to get him used to but we also had/have a pretty good routine. Right now, he gets either, intense fetch, enough to tire him out, or a good run first thing in the morning. I get ready for work and he gets fed right before I leave. When I get home it's either a long walk or good run, and then more fetch when we get home. That's for his physical stimulation. For mental we do a mixture of OB and scent work. That really really works him mentally and he tends to tucker out quicker. That and mixing in OB and playing.

We are also part of a SAR orgnaization, currently taking a break, but when we did that, it helped with his energy level.

I also make him work for everything. He has to stay in a "down, stay" to eat. He has to do some basic OB before we start playing. Mid play we stop and he has to do more OB. Before we go on walks or runs, he has to do a sit, stay while I get ready and then before we take off he is in a sit until I say ok. I would say too that his toy restriction raelly really helped his energy level when we were inside. He doesn't have a choice but to be calm.

I am looking at getting into agility for fun, just for more physical and mental stimulation and he has the drive for it so I know he would probably be great.

How old is Skadi? What's her background, if you know?


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