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Default "working homes only" thought of this after reading "pet people" thread

So some breeders say "this breeding is for working homes only".
What do you guys usually take that to mean?

"I promise I will title this dog", sport homes, homes that have titled a dog before, homes that are just extremely active and like to train a lot but don't participate in the sport scene, homes where family members are already part of a club, SAR homes where dogs do real-life rescue work, etc?

Just curious because in the pet thread the debate on what is a working dog vs a sport dog vs a pet dog came up and I recall seeing this "working homes only" phrase on a lot of breeders' websites

I know some breeders just say this to deter families that don't put any effort into rigorous training their dogs beyond maybe basic walking on a leash and manners / preventative measures for families that might get a little more dog than they asked for
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