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Preferring one member of the household?

So my husband has said since day one that Tego likes me better,and I always laugh him off. And he refers to him a "my dog" because he doesn't let me go anywhere by myself, and if hubby and I walk in separate directions, 9 times out of 10 he follows me. Here's my concern, I want him to obey my husband as well as he responds to me. However, I spend significantly more time with him, just playing, small training sessions at home and I'm also the one who feeds him. On occasion my husband will feed him but I typically do just because he gets extra things, it's not as simple as feeding out two other dogs.

When I was a kid we had a shepherd and he loved everyone in the house but obviously preferred my mom. Is it typical of them to gravitate towards one person in the house? And should I just have hubby do more "training" with him? My concern is that when I'm around and my husband goes to let the dogs out, sometimes Tego won't go with him. He just stands there or comes to me and sits down by me. And other little things like that...for example, we were out at the barn the other day and my husband was about 75ft away from me and Tego was in between us(maybe slightly closer to me) and my husband started to walk away and called Tego to go with him and he just looked at him. Didn't move. And then walked to me.

Should I be concerned that he seems to be a one person dog or should I leave it be?
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