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Originally Posted by LaRen616 View Post
Also, if you don't have that kind of cash available to you at that time then you should get a credit card for emergency purposes!

I got a credit card with a $10,000 limit just in case I ever have an emergency with one of my animals that is too expensive for me to pay for at that time.
That does frustrate me too, but I'll admit that I did get a puppy once when I probably couldn't have afforded the extra visits. Routine, sure, got that, extra random things.. it would have been ramen for me! But I'd have done it.

Another thing to think about is a lot of people don't expect to have to pay expensive bills in the beginning, often they assume it is a puppy and will be healthy and don't consider the accidents and surgeries if something happens. Shoot even the expense of spaying and neutering.. a friend of mine has an Akita and waited until she was about 7 months to spay (which is totally fine btw) but she weighs about 70 lbs give or take, which impact the surgery cost and she wasn't/isn't prepared for that. She currently calling everyone to compare prices and find the lowest cost because she didn't think it would be $300-400.

Pet insurance was something I thought woudl be pretty neat, but only recently has it become more of a normalcy.. at least in this area. I thought it would good to have since all of them won't cover pre-existing anything.. but I came to the conclusion that the credit card would be much much better for me especially with a relatively healthy dog with just routine visits at the moment. The monthly payments would probably equate to that of monthly payments for the credit card if I ever needed to use it.


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