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Quick story, I babysat my cousin's Doberman at my house. I immediately noticed that the dog had raw/dry/irritated/red/bumpy sores/missing hair by his tummy/hips/groin area and he walked weird because it hurt him. I asked my cousin if he took him to the Vet and he said "No, I think he got bit by some ants, hes never had skin issues before, do you think its from ant bites because its been like that for a week now. I thought maybe hes allergic to ants. I told him "no, I don't think it's from ants, it looks like an infection, maybe a staph infection, he really needs to see a Vet, he's in pain and it could get worse." He complained that a Vet visit would cost him at least $100! I basically had to call him a crappy dog owner in order to convince him to take the dog to the Vet. He did take him the next day and it did turn out to be a staph infection.


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