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Never floppy?

One of the things I loved about GSDs is that they have floppy ears.. then as they grow, the ears start trying to stand on their own and sometimes one does, sometimes both do, sometimes they both meet in the middle to make a tipi.. but my pups ears were never floppy. Even as big as they are, they never flopped to the side.. or to the middle.. or one down, one up. They were both up. There may have been one or two instances where it kinda made a tipi but they'd go right back into right up. I've even had someone ask me if I taped his ears and I was like ".. what are you talking about?" (i didn't know about taping at the time)

But here's him at 8 weeks.. very small, pointy ears.

and here's him now.. almost 15 weeks. very big, upright ears.

I was really hoping they'd flop, but I don't think they will. How come they never went floppy? Should I be glad they were never floppy? Haha.

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