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New to GSD...attachment Q's

Hi all I obtained my sister in laws German Shepherd pup last month. She no longer wanted to care for her so I took her in. Shes about 10 months old & its unclear whether shes registered or anything like that. SIL didnt offer many details. Anyway she has become super attached to me. Shes ab awesome dog very well behaved, learns fast, she just has to be staring & right beside me at all times. I wouldnt mind but I have another dog, mixed breed, and a two year old & I dont know if this could become problematic if she got jealous. I do not want to put my 2 yr old in a risky situation and I dont knlw how to interpret this obsessed attached behavior. I also stay home but I babysit another 2 yr old. Im thinking of rehoming her. I dont want to but I dont want to run the risk of her becoming jealous. she mostly ignores the kids besides an occasional face lick but if im trying to pet my other dog or holding my daughter she wont stop begging for my attention. Trying to climb into my lap & shove others out of the way. What does this behavior mean? Is it normal? Should I worry?

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