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Whining and..

My 3 month n some weeks old pup whines when he needs to go out (specifically to poop) and when I put him in puppy jail for the night or whenever it's convenient for me (busy, etc.).. but when he's in his crate, he'll whine.. and then he adds in this groan like.. ughhh, why am I even in here type of groan. Like when a human doesn't want to do something, they groan.. and it sounds just like that! I think it's kind of funny.. just the way he does it and how it sounds. Was wondering if any dog breed does this or if it's specifically GSD or the larger breeds? I've never heard a pup or a dog groan like he does.

Also, when he yawns, he makes this high pitched whining sound. All the time. Anyone else have a pup that does these things?
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