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Starting to get it at 4 months

It may be a fluke, but stilll.... Yesterday the first day of DDog showing some GSD characteristics, like the magic look of getting it when you tell him to do something by using the grey-noise-language vs a clear command, not trying to outsmart me for once, leaving my slippers alone, lying at my feet without biting my socks, walking on leash next to me without being distracted by leaves or pine cones, walking by the couch without snatching a pillow. And the sweet look in his eyes when I held his head in my hands, telling him how much I love him, without him trying to bite my hands. He is 4.5 months old and the worst of the land shark stage is over it seems like.
Yeahh, DDog!!!, we are going to be awesome together. WD (his uncle) will be proud of us. Raising him is a full time job but a labor of love.
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