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Looking for a Liver Male Puppy 6/1 is that reasonable?

Hello, I'm new to the board, but have spent a bunch of time reading up over the past month. We are looking to get our first family dog, and I've forever been obsessed with GSDs. I vividly remember has a 9 year old, sobbing when my Uncle's "Rinny" passed away, and always thought that I would eventually get my own companion.

I'm in my mid 30s in Cincinnati with two boys (8 & 5), and work out of the house. I will have plenty of time to train the dog, as well as go on jogs, throw the frisbee, etc. Not to mention, I know my two crazy boys will tire that puppy out as well.

I am not at all looking to breed the dog, nor show it, or have it as a working dog. I simply am wanting a fun companion around the house to take care of my wife, keep my sons in line, and make me laugh with tricks.

Because I don't plan to show or breed the dog, I really love the look of the full liver color. I've read about it and completely understand that people are against breeding on purpose for that color as it could involve inbreeding, etc. It seems that most people on the forums also say that by chance, plenty of reputable breeders produce liver puppies by accident, and I'm trying to get a feel as to how I could make it known that I would be very interested in one.

My other question is in regards to price. If I'm going to have this guy with me for 12-14 years, I don't mind paying what it takes to get a dog that will fit in with our family. That said, is it worth spending $1,500-$2,000 for a dog that you don't plan on breeding or showing? I'm fine with spending the money for temperment, but at what point is it overkill?

I would prefer to drive to pick up the puppy as opposed to put him through the shipping process, but if we found the perfect little guy, I would gladly pay for shipping as long as it would be safe for the pup. As I wrote earlier, I'd love to find a puppy for June 1, but would be willing to wait for a dog that would be great for our family

I found a great looking AKC male liver pup in Knoxville, TN with a Google search, but he will be ready mid April and we will be on Spring Break for a week at the end of April so that won't work.

Sorry for the rambling email, but wanted to lay out my situation fully. Thanks so much for any advice or tips!!
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