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Need to train to avoid other dogs


This may sound or be directly opposite of most others sentiments towards other dogs, but there is a good reason here.

We adopted a 9-12 mo. old GSD from our local shelter. She is a great dog, not aggressive at all and taking to basic training like a duck to water. If I use a short leash (~4ft.), our walks are enjoyable and a lot of fun. My problem is other dogs along the way and her attention span. She is too interested in the other dogs, to the point where her sole focus becomes them and again she is not aggressive. She wants to play. The problem is that these other dogs are very aggressive and I am unintentionally being drawn into a one-sided dog fight where (I'm afraid) she is going to loose badly.

How do I instill an aversion to wanting to play with other dogs? I want to have an aloof German Shepherd when it comes to any other generic dog out there. What I have now is a GSD who goes bonkers when she sees another dog, and wants to play with them. How do I get from point A to B in the training?

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