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Pee'ing in the house

Last week we adopted an 18 month old GS. He is housebroken....however, he seems to want to pee in every room of the house. He pee'd in the living room and dinning room the first day, hasn't done it since.

He KNOWS he's not allowed upstairs. We didn't even introduce him to upstairs when we brought him home. He doesn't show any interest in going up, even when he follows us around the house and we go up. He'll sit and wait at the bottom until we return.

The moment we leave the house, or go to the basement is a different story. He will sneak up the stairs and pee, even after an hour long walk.

How do we stop this? We've put up a barricade for now at the top of the stairs so he can't access it, but this is only a temporary solution.

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