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Potty training nightmare

I have a new 11 week old GSD, Mya. Let me give you a back ground... Mya was kept in a cage by the breeder (not the best breeder by all means) and I believe she was never taken out of the cage. She peed, pooped, ate and slept in this cage. I brought her home Saturday and she did very well, considering her circumstances she came from, while potty training the first couple of days but now she is being defiant. She is refusing to potty when taken outside. She has a designated potty spot, I always take her to potty on a leash out the same door to the same spot taking the same path. When we get to her potty spot I tell her "go potty" everytime and when she does go she gets praise and a treat. But many times she refuses to go pee or poop even though she has drank a good bit of her water and/or ate. I watch her like a hawk in the house and she is never out of my sight so I know that when she is refusing to go that she has not gone in the house. I will take her 30 min from the time she ate/drank then again 20-30 min later and then again and again. She has a safe room she stays in while I am at work and my teenage daughter takes her out when she gets home from school. Could it be the change in who is taking her potty that is causing the issue? When I am having to leave for work I will take her out several times in the morning staying out with her 10-15 min a time and she will refuse to go (note that she has ate and drank) then I have to put her in her safe room and she pees and poops everywhere! What do I do? HELP! I have only had this pup for a week and am already in love with her but I am getting frustrated.
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