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Home sick with the flu , so...

My almost 6 year old son had it earlier this week. I just called them out of school today because I am too sick to drive safely and they just told me there were two confirmed cases of H1N1 in my son's class. GREAT!! Anyway , while my son was sick our GSD just would not leave his side , which is not typical. They run and play and such , but he is usually by my feet wherever I am. Not while my son was sick though. He walked into the bathroom with him , and wherever my son was crashed , Alvin was with him. It was so sweet. Figured I would share two cell phone pics here. Every kid should grow up with dogs IMO

Alvin - GSD - born @ late February 2013
Bo - Boxer/Hound - born @ late June 2008
Greta - English Mastiff - born somewhere between 2003 and 2005 ,estimated.
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