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Not wanting to come after I give her eardrops?

Arya has had ear stuff for the past couple weeks, first very mild scratching and I thought it would go away, and then increased into constant itching and upset, so went to the vet and was given eardrops. They DO make her ears feel better, but she doesn't like them put in.

And then right afterwards, for a good 5-10 minutes she does not want to come to me, at all.

What I've done is not force her, but just hold a very tempting treat in my hand, maybe say "come" a couple times as encouragement, but not pushing or demanding. And then she'll grab a bite and run off. And there's another 5 minutes of that before she will come to me on command and stick with me to play, and then won't stop following me.

Silly girl.

But yeah... just want to confirm that I'm resolving this issue in the right way. She has to have her eardrops to start feeling better (which she is), for another week and a half, morning and night. But this is kinda silly. I give her high value treats during and right afterwards, all the while telling her what a good girl she is. And yet when I do let her go, she runs to the opposite side of the room, rubs her ears on something, and then lays down there and glares at me like a grumpy child.

And... because she's cute... here's her picture from today, officially 12 weeks old.

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