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Exclamation She's not herself anymore...

Long story as short as I can make it, about a month ago my 3 year old GSD, Honey, went to get the ball and she let out a yelp. I didn't think anything of it but over the course of a week or two she acted like she was in pain in either her hind leg or her hips. I kept an eye on her and then one time when her and my other dog, Rudy, was outside Rudy came to her and wanted to play. Honey tried to lunge forward to play back and let out another yelp. So that confirmed to me that something wasn't right. I took her to the vet and they felt her knees and hips and told me they didn't feel anything abnormal and sent her home with pain meds. If she was still in pain after a week, she was to get x-rays. She wasn't better. The x-rays showed no signs of the dreaded hip displaysia that GSD parents have to worry about. So I re-filled her pain med prescription and thought that she must have sprained something or pulled a muscle and that she would be back to her crazy self in no time. But it's been a while now and although she isn't yelping or anything anymore, she still won't play with Rudy outside like she has always done... every. single. time. So what should I do now? Should I get a second opinion from another vet? Or am I just overreacting? Please help!
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