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DEFINITELY do not let him eat deer poop. they could be carrying some horrible parasites or diseases. an ex gf had a pug who was a fiend for deer poop. he didn't get sick, but who knows if he picked something up and is now carrying it. my own GS puppy likes drinking disgusting water and has had giardia twice, so as much as it sucks don't just shrug it off you need to stop it. at this point their immunity is very poor and they are extremely vulnerable. avoid the deer poop if you can't stop the eating but if you live in an area covered with it I whatever you can to stop it. tug on the leash, scream NO like you're being paid, distract with food, whatever works. don't scare the pup too death but you need to stop it. deer poop must taste good, I'm glad there's none where I currently live

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